Custom jewelry Displays

and Lodge/Cabin Decor

This one was just sent to Alaska in 2016. The siign is 30" wide and the moose is 17" high. I carved the moose and hand painted all letters. and the moose. 

Samples of Custom requested jewelry Display designs. CLOCK ON AN IMAGE TO VIRE LARGER 

Samples of Custom Requested lodge or cabin signs.. CLICK ON AN IMAGE TO VIEW LARGER.

I can build and design most jewelry displays to meet your needs. Use my contact page to message me.

I can design and make custom lodge or cabin signs  with carved bears, moose, trout, dogs, etc. Samples of custom signs are below.

Use my Etsy link to see what I have for sale.

I can also email aa Pay Pal link to purchase direct without going through Etsy if what you want is not on my Etsy Store, Jim Harmon Designs.

Jim Harmon Designs

Grumpy Bear Designs 

At Bear Hollow