Located in the North Georgia Mountains, we make handmade Lodge and Cabin Decor, Jewelry Displays and Jewelry.

The cabin decor includes signs, shelf sitters, and clocks with carved bears, moose, fish etc.

The jewelry displays are handmade from wood and have many unique design features not seen on other jewelry displays..

The jewelry is handmade and includes Bracelets, Necklaces, Boot Bling, Beaded Horseshoes and Dream Catchers.

Visit our Product pages for cabin decor, jewelry, and jewelry displays to find links to Etsy where we sell our products.

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Handmade Jewelry Displays

Handmade Cabin Decor

WELCOME TO At Bear Hollow


Handmade in  North Georgia 

Lodge Decor, Jewelry Displays, Jewelry

Carpenter Bee Traps -  ‚ÄčIf you are looking for my Carpenter Bee Traps, please call or message me via my Contact Page. I can take an order for them and send you a Pay Pal link to purchase them. . Please allow at least two weeks to ship. 

Furniture -  See the Cabin Decor tab

White Feather Jewelry